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Silves Medieval Festival | Explore more: beyond the resort

Silves medieval festival august



The highlight of August in the Algarve, an absolute must-do, is the Silves Medieval Festival. Only 30 minutes drive from Pine Cliffs Apartment, the town of Silves is transported back to the Middle Ages for this annual 10-day festival: the Feira Medieval de Silves.

While we’re all for a relaxing holiday – making use of the resort facilities, strolling to the beach and back – we also love to get out and about, particularly in the evenings.

August is a fabulous time to make the most of the warm nights and soak up the local atmosphere, as the sun drops and the scorching summer temperatures fall, late alfresco suppers never tasted so good. Especially after a quality siesta.

And the highlight of the month, an absolute must-do, is the Silves Medieval Festival.

Only 30 minutes drive from Pine Cliffs, the town of Silves is transported back to the Middle Ages for a 10-day festivity during which the castle and its surrounding cobbled streets come alive for this grand spectacle.

The annual Silves Medieval Festival (Feira Medieval de Silves) is a historical experience, cultural extravaganza and unbeatably colourful evening out, offering a glimpse into the time the ‘Al-Gharb’ was occupied by the Moors, when Silves was the capital of the kingdom.

Take a leap back in time

Within the marketplace you’ll find feasting and dancing, and an invasion of characters; artisans, merchants, tavern landlords, healers; entertainers such as jugglers, acrobats, musicians, snake-charmers. Even jousting tournaments are re-enacted.

The Royal Banquet, held inside the castle, offers Arab-influenced dishes such as tagines, while street stalls sizzle with regional cuisine, barbecues and spit roasts that you can eat at trestle tables or on hay bales.

When to book for medieval shenanigans?

The Feira Medieval de Silves is usually held in the second-third week of August – to plan ahead you can check their Facebook page or sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you up to date.

The 2018 Silves Medieval Festival runs from the 10th to 19th August.

medieval festival in Silves

It begins at 6pm every night with processions through the town, followed by poetry, plays, tournaments and all manner of entertainment, medieval-style, until close to midnight.
Lots more to explore

There are so many wonderful spots, sights and holiday activities on offer in the Algarve region.
Make the best memories by making sure you find them.

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